If you’ve never commissioned an artwork before, and would like to know how the process works, please follow these easy steps:

Proposal at Lake Louise: Reference Photo
Original Reference Photo
The Proposal at Lake Louise
Original Painting


     1. Contact Me

Provide the following information in your message if you can:

  • The size of the painting
  • The medium (acrylic or oil)
  • If you would like a coat of varnish to increase the lifespan of the painting (additional $100 fee)
  • If you have some special requests, such as a certain painting style preference or image element (i.e a solid coloured background), then please provide pictures of it and/or a detailed description of your concept.
  • Attach your photos of the subject, and be sure their resolution is clear enough to see the details. The more photos the better.
  • If you need the painting completed by a certain deadline, please let me know.

      2. Submit the First Payment

Submit 50% of the total price after the concept, medium, size, deadline, and cost of the painting have been approved. PayPal or E-transfer are preferred payment methods, but a cheque or other payment options may be considered if needed.

      3. Work in Progress

After the first payment has been made, I start to work on the sketches. Up to 5 sketches are included in the price. Sketches are a very important part of the process if the client wants to include more than one picture into the painting.

After the final sketch has been approved, the work on the painting starts. On average, an acrylic painting takes less time to complete than an oil painting would. However, the size and complexity of the artwork in both mediums almost always influences the time of completion.

Additionally, pictures are taken and emailed back to the client as a way to document the painting’s progress from start to finish.

      4. Final Approval and Payment

As soon as the painting is complete, a photograph is taken of it as a finished product and emailed back to the client. Up to 3 minor corrections can be made at no additional charge.

Complete the final payment – the remaining 50% + shipping if needed.

Receive your painting, and enjoy!