Artist Natalia Glinski

As a growing artist, my creative range is wide and tends to not persist with just one subject matter. I am inspired by both classical painting techniques from the renaissance period and post-modern era abstraction at the same time. In this case, I like mixing the styles from both the classical and post-modern era as a form of my own aesthetic in my work. My work ranges from textural landscapes, to animals, to expressive figures, to conceptual subject matter, and to metal sculptural work.

I am predominantly self-taught, but my academic background in Visual Art Studies and contemporary culture has had some influence in exploring and shaping the techniques I use in my work today. Being naturally curious and open to experimentation with different mediums and subjects, I find myself creating work that is based on random concepts that sparks my interest. When I paint an image onto a surface, it goes through experimentation stages of different mediums and transformation of texture.

I mostly work with oil and acrylic paints, but I also like to experiment with modelling paste, ink, charcoal, and textured paper. When I paint, I strive to create a sculptural effect using the palette knife and elaborate brushstrokes.

Besides texture, vibrant colours and depth are the other main elements that persist in my work. With the combination of these elements, the end goal is to create a visually appealing image that conceptually speaks to its viewers at the same time.

Every image that I create expresses my vision about a concept in the world that I am concerned about, and strives to make a visual impression to my viewers.